Absorbent Microfiber Bathrobe

Absorbent Microfiber Bathrobe


Do you struggle to dry your furry friend after baths?

Struggle keeping cat dander down?

Introducing our Absorbent Microfiber Bathrobe designed to dry your pet quickly. Made of super absorbent permeable fibers, it can absorb a lot more water on your animals fur then a bath towel.

– Super soft to use on your fur baby.

– Easy to use hand pockets for washing or drying.

– Use lightly damp to easily wipe down cat dander.

– It can be hung, rolled or looks nice folded with pockets pointed up.

– Light weight, take with you on rainy days or to play at the lake.

BlueGreyPurpleRose Red
Weight 0.22 lbs
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 30 in

Blue, Grey, Purple, Rose Red


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1. Made of super absorbent permeable micro-fibers, it can absorb the water on the dog fur and can help dry your pet much faster then a standard bath towel.

2. The texture is comfortable and breathable.

3. The unique double pockets design is convenient to wipe dogs after bathing.

4. With exquisite craft, it is durable and has a long service life.

5. It can be hung, which is easy to store and save space.


Material: Chenille

Product Category: Absorbent towel

Specifications: thick blue, thick purple, thick gray, thick rose red

Package Content :

Polyester pet towel x1